Fees Outline

The Lara Swimming Club operates as a “not for profit” organisation for the provision of services to swimmers in the local area.  Club and training fees are tailored to cover the cost of hiring the pools and making payments to Club coaches and other costs associated with running the Club.   A summary of the various fees for the 2022/2023 season, depending on which membership is required, is shown below.


Members may discuss the various options with the Membership Officer if further clarification is required to determine which fee is applicable or if experiencing difficulties registering with SV, MSV or Fun Swim.


  • It is compulsory for all members who enter the water to pay either Swimming Victoria (SV) or Masters Swimming Victoria (MSV) registration.
  • In addition, one parent/guardian, as well as other Club members, must also register with SV as a Dry Member to be covered by insurance.
  • SV/MSV registration covers both insurance and affiliation costs for members.
  • Club membership and squad training fees are in addition to SV/MSV registration.
  • SV payments are made directly via their Swim Central site (swimming.org.au). Family discounts are also available, and more information can be found at the SV site (vic.swimming.org.au).
  • SV fees cover the time period 1st July 2022 – 30th June 2023.
  • MSV payments are made directly by these swimmers via the Swim Central site (swimming.org.au) – payment amounts are still being confirmed by MSV.
  • MSV fees cover various time periods – refer to the fees table for more information.
  • More details regarding the Fun Swim category are available at the SV website (swimming.org.au/get-swimming-0/fun-swim).
  • A fee may be charged for the use of a credit card for these payments.
  • Anyone can become a member of the LSC, by paying the Club Membership Fee – please refer to the Membership Officer for further details.


Squad Training Fees

The fee structure for training for the 2022/2023 season is below:


Monthly Training Fee

Senior Squad & Step-Up Squad

(morning training)


Development Squad & Recreation Squad

(afternoon training)



Applicable squad fees as above

Fun Swim

Applicable squad fees as above

Note that swimmers also need to pay pool entry costs when training at council pools, and several entry cost options are available. Please speak to the pool staff, as not all options are advertised and there is a special Club price that may work best for individuals/families.


Fee Discounts for Families

The Club is sensitive to the needs of families and offers discounts.  The decreasing order of both Club and Training fees within a family are listed below:


Club Fees

Training Fees

First Swimmer

100% of the Club fee

100% of training fees

Second Swimmer

100% of the Club fee

100% of training fees

Third Swimmer

50% of the Club fee

75% of training fees

Fourth Swimmer

50% of the Club fee

75% of training fees

Fifth Swimmer

50% of the Club fee

50% of training fees


Payment of Lara Swimming Club Fees

There will be no accounts sent to families during this season, as monthly training fees now apply.  Fees according to a swimmer’s training squad will be payable on the 28th of each month. Payment is via internet banking into the Lara Swimming Club's bank account. 

If any families have difficulties with internet banking, please contact the Treasurer.

The Lara Swimming Club is sympathetic to the needs of families experiencing financial hardship with respect to Club and training fees.  If this is the case for you, please speak with the Treasurer regarding alternative payment arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is the responsibility of each member (or parent/guardian) to ensure that the correct level of SV/MSV registration has been paid before commencing any Club activities in each new season.  Members who have not paid their SV/MSV registration or Club Fees are not eligible for Club awards or other benefits offered by the Lara Swimming Club.